5 Best Things To Do In Spalding.

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Thursday, December 19, 2019

5 Best Things To Do In Spalding.

Spalding is an eclectic town with roots in both Roman and Dutch history.  Being in the district of South Holland it's physical attributes and farming history have a definite Dutch flavour whilst it's infrastructure and culture finds it's roots in Roman history.  As a result there is a great variety of activities available for people living in, or visiting Spalding.  There is everything from historical sites to shopping centres and chilrdens activity centres.  Below we will give a brief idea of the 5 best things to do in Spalding in 2019.


Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre

Most people when thinking of Baytree think of the fabulous garden centre.  Located on the Eastern side of Spalding, the Baytree Garden Centre is so much more than just a garden centre.  It includes a High Ropes Climbing Centre, a Fun Farm and even the Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre.  We recommend allowing at least 2 hours for visiting the Owl and Wildlife centre as not only do they have over 100 owls, birds of prey and other wildlife on display, they also put on incredible flying displays, provide hands-on experiences and have a lovely gift shop.  Baytree Owl centre is open Tuesday - Sunday 10am-4pm.  Please check their website for festive opening hours.

Baytree Own Centre


Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens.

Ayscoughfee Hall stands in 5 acres of gardens.  The hall itself was originally a family home built in the 1450's and it tells the story of local history and the people who made that history.  The gardens have lots of interesting features including an ice house and the war memorial (yes, the one our son managed to crack his head open on!) which was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.  The hall also boasts a lovely cafe which is open hall year round serving light refreshments and soft drinks.Ayscoughfee Hall And Gardens, Spalding


Springfields Outlet Centre

Visitors travel from far and wide to visit Springfields Outlet Centre.  It is a very popular destination for coach trips and in high season can be very busy.  Originally, just a garden centre, the facility has rapidly expanded to now include many high street and top-end designer shops, several eateries and it's very own children play area.  If you go there often enough you may wish to consider the Springfields VIP card which offers an additional 10% discount at a selection of outlets on top of their already steeply discounted prices.  Springfields Outlet centre is easily a half day trip and for many a full day out.  It's location on the A16 makes access easy and with plenty of car parks, parking is rarely a problem.

Springfields Festival Gardens


Gordon Boswell Romany Museum
Located in the Clay Lake district of Spalding, the Gordon Boswell museum is family run by Gordon and Margaret Boswell.  They have a huge collection of carts, harnesses, cooking pots and gypsy wagons (also know as Vardos).  They also, being a family museum have a huge collection of family heirlooms and photographs dating back 150 years.  The museum is open to everyone from Easter until September on Weekends and Bank holidays and can cater for larger group by pre-arrangement.  This museum enjoys rave reviews such as :

"This is such an interesting museum . Apart from the wonderful large exhibits of romany caravans, showmen's caravans etc. there are so many small items such as cookware, tools, ornaments that it is difficult to take it all in during one visit. There is a DVD showing where the late Gordon Boswell gives the history of many of the vardos (romany caravans) and we came away knowing so much more about the history of this way of life and the people. Wonderful!" 


I so enjoyed this museum and learning about the Romany way of life. I have gypsies in my ancestry so I was particularly keen to visit this museum. It was interesting seeing the old caravans and realising how much the caravans of today are modelled on them. It is such an unusual exhibition and the owners are so welcoming and friendly. Well worth a visit. I really loved it.

Gordon Boswell Museum

Moulton Windmill

Located in the rural village of Moulton, East of Spalding, Moulton Windmill is the tallest windmill in the country at 100ft high!  Fabulous to visit anytime, but especially on bank holiday weekends when they put on extra activities including crochet classes, corn dolly making and woad dyeing.  If you're looking for something a little different, Moulton Windmill could be just the ticket.  They have fabulous Trip Advisor reviews such as:

"Run by volunteers Moulton windmill tour was very interesting and well worth a visit. The ladders that take you to the top are a little bit steep but manageable with a rest on each level to listen to the guide explain about the workings of the windmill. The cafe at the base was very good and they also have a little shop area selling souvenirs and local jams, pickles, biscuits etc."

Hence Moulton Windmill just grabs 5th place in our 5 best things to do in Spalding.  So whatever you're thinking of doing this weekend, we hope you have a fab one and maybe one day you'll pay a visit to one of our recommendations.  

5 Best Things To Do In Spalding.