Baby Bouncy Castle Hire

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Monday, June 3, 2019

Baby Bouncy Castle Hire


Baby Bouncy Castle Hire In Peterborough

Are you looking for Baby Bouncy Castle Hire? If so, you've arrived at the right place!  Here at It's Funtime we specialise in baby entertainment, baby bouncy castles and baby party equipment.

When looking for a baby bouncy castle, there are several considerations.  Really you want a bouncy castle that can hold adults too, as lots of babies will need help from parents on an inflatable.  You NEED really good supervision arrangements so that if any of the users need help, parents can see.  Ideally you need a small doorway. This stops babies falling off the inflatable onto the floor below.  Whilst there should be mats to pad the landing, the reality is that these mats can get moved during a party and it's better to avoid the babies falling out in the first place.

That's why we recommend our baby activity bouncy castle for baby bouncy castle rental.  As you can see below, it sports all of the above features as well as being bright colourful and the gloss material is very easy to clean and keep hygenic.

It has see-through netting on all 4 walls, stopping babies from falling out but allowing good supervision for carers.  It also has a small doorway meaning that children need to be in control to leave the castle.  If they are just falling over out of control, they will most likely run into the netting stopping them from landing on the floor.  What's even better is out toddler bouncy castle can hold adults helping babies and is suitable for all pre-schoolers to bounce on meaning it can hold a large variety of ages and abilities.

We think you're sure to agree that our toddler bouncy castle is by far, the best baby bouncy castle on the market.  Don't delay, you can use our online booking system to book it today not matter what the time.  Alternatively, if you prefer you can give us a ring on 07592 373310 or 01778 570394 should you have any further enquiries.


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Baby Bouncy Castle Hire