Boost Your Income In 2020

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How To Boost Your Income in 2020

As you might have heard, as well as running It's Funtime Bourne bouncy castle hire, I'm also an avid money-saver. With money saving I find that making a few pounds here and there goes hand in hand with saving where you can.  Now there are several things you can do, and no, we're not talking about any mlm companies where you go out selling Avon or body shop or anything like that, they're all apps or computer programs which you access privately and can make you a few extra pounds. We're not talking about big money or anything to replace an income but maybe £10 a month which can be saved into your PayPal account and can go towards paying for the children's Christmas or birthday presents and such like.

Cashback sites

One of the easiest ways to earn a few extra quid for very little work is by using one of the many cashback sites available. The two big ones our TopCashback and Quidco.  It's very simple, you just sign up for an account on their website and each time you want to make a purchase online you just go to the cashback website first and click the link to go to the shop of your choice.  The shop pays your cashback website for sending custom to their shop and in return, the cashback website give you a percentage of that income. There are different amounts of cash back available for different shops, even things like eBay you can often get 1% cashback but when you start looking at insurance products such as home insurance and life insurance etc is quite a reasonable amount of cash back to be claimed. Even on the small 1% cashback on on everyday purchases they do add up when it's things that you would be buying anyway. When you're ready to cash out these websites often give you options for cashing out including having the payment paid by BACS directly to your bank account, payment into your PayPal account or you can sometimes get a greater value if you are willing to take your payment in the form of a gift card for a shop of your choice.

Receipt apps

There are lots of apps available, downloadable onto your smartphone or tablet which can also help in earning a few quid here and there. The big ones we use our Shopprize, Shoppix and Receipt Hog. These all have slightly different rules regarding what receipts they will accept however basically you can take a photo of any shop receipt, upload it onto these apps remembering you can upload the same receipt on each app. This isn't worth big money but you may well be able to get £20 a year off each app, so £60 a year between three of them. We tend to send this money into a PayPal account and use it towards children's birthday and Christmas presents.

Mobile expression

Mobile expression is a VPN which some people don't like. Basically it can track where you go online on the device that is uploaded, if you're worried about this then it probably isn't one for you.  However quite frankly I really don't do anything interesting enough that anybody would want to look on my phone so it really doesn't bother me. With mobile expression you log into their app each week and claim a credit each week, then you can exchange 10 credits for a £5 Amazon voucher or 15 credits for a £10 Amazon voucher.  Again money for nothing!



Our next portal for making a few extra quid using your smartphone is an app called VYPR. It is like a mini survey app in that you click an icon and it asks you a single question normally along the lines of would you buy this product?  You select yes / no or once a week, once a month, that kind of answer. And each question is generally worth 10 credits, there are however in store questions, so if you are in Tesco's and it's a Tesco in-store you have to actually be in the store to answer the question but those are worth 100 credits so substantially more. There are quite a lot of mini surveys available so this app does generate money at a reasonable speed. We generally receive about £5 a month each and both myself and Steve do it's a £10 a month from this one, again it isn't going to make us rich but at times when there's a lot of extra expense, every little helps!

Survey websites

Now I wouldn't say I particularly endorse these, we did start doing them but we did find that it was very labor-intensive for the amount of compensation you receive. Two of the biggest survey websites are called TopCashback and Rewards 1. They have various little quizzes on there you can take for a small number of coins or you can take full on surveys. When you look at the surveys, it does tell you how long the survey should take and how many points is worth however this isn't always accurate information. The other problem with survey websites is you can get to the end of the survey and the site just decided that is not going to pay the credit on this occasion. You can lodge a a support ticket with the website in question but nine times out of ten, they don't pay you back.  This is getting more and more common hence why we haven't bothered with the survey sites for sometime because you can end up investing a lot of time for no reward.

As you can see none of these options are going to make you big money, the cashback websites are probably the best earners but obviously that money is only available if you're purchasing items anyway. We all like to to save a few quid here and there and these apps help to save towards the times of year when there's big expenses such as Christmas and the children's birthdays but what you do with your extra income would be entirely up to you.

We hope you've given you some ideas as to how you can make a few extra quid without too much work or difficulty, and if nothing else, given you a starting place to Google to investigate these ideas further.


Boost Your Income In 2020