Bouncing Castles For Hire In Peterborough

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Friday, March 6, 2020

Bouncing Castle Parties In Peterborough


Well today is one of the nicest days we've had recently, it's March 6th 2020 and things are starting to feel just a little spring like! We really love this time of year as we're suddenly noticing the longer days, all we need now is for the rain and wind to stop and we will be in for a lovely summer. We love nothing more than a day in the summer of lots of garden parties with bouncy castle hires in and around Peterborough lots of families having barbecues, birthday parties and family get togethers.

Eid Celebration Bouncy Castles In Peterborough

Eid Ul Ftir Bouncy Castles

We have lots of bouncy castles available for hire perfect for any occasion including bounce and slide bouncy castles, inflatable slides and a fantastic new range of disco bouncy castles. Also we are conscious that we are now on the run up to Eid. We often get lots of bouncy castle bookings in Peterborough during the Eid celebration so if you are looking for a bouncy castle hire for your Eid celebrations please do get in touch as soon as possible. We are even considering purchasing an Eid themed bouncy castle for 2020. You can use any of our bouncy castles for your Eid celebrations, the balloon themed bouncy castles are very popular as they are just a nice generic celebration theme.

Bounce House Safety Regulations - Bouncy Castle In Peterborough

We are really pleased to offer our bouncy castles for hire in all areas of Peterborough including Yaxley, Werrington, Dogsthorpe, Gunthorpe and city centre. All you need is enough grassy space to situate the bouncy castle. If you do look on the bouncy castles listing page, it does show you the exact size of the bouncy castle and also the amount of space required. Please don't forget we do need space around the bouncy castle as a safety area and also 5-ft at the back to extend the inflation tube and an area at the front place the safety mats. New legislation does require that we place safety mats on every side of the fall off zone (this is the step) meaning that these days mats do need to be supplied for across the front of the step and along the side all the way up to the main bouncing area of a bouncy castle. This does require a bit more space and needs to be considered when choosing what size bouncy castle you're going to hire.

Indoor Bouncy Castle Hire In Peterborough

In the meantime if you're not feeling too confident about the Great British weather right now you can still book our bouncing castles for hire for indoor venues. Just this weekend we were in Paston and Gunthorpe Community Centre which is a fantastic venue for any children's birthday party, christening or family event. Peterborough has a great range of halls to suit all party sizes and locations including the Nene Valley Community Centre and the Focus Centre in Dogsthorpe. If you do need any recommendations of halls to hire in Peterborough please take a look at our halls for hire page or give us a ring and we will advise where possible.

Paston And Gunthorpe Community Association Hall

New Bouncy Castles For Hire In Peterborough in 2020

Right now we are looking at our investments for 2020 and if there are any bouncy castles that you would really like to see us purchase for this season please do get in touch to let us know your ideas. We love it when you let us know what you're looking for because you are our customers. We know we need to be supplying what you guys want so if there is anything out there that we don't have that you would like, be it a style of bouncy castle (we are considering an assault course) or different themes then do drop us a line. We can get new themes on bouncy castles fairly swiftly although new styles of bouncy castle will take longer to arrive.


So don't forget to give us a ring to book your birthday castle party in Peterborough as soon as possible. Be at an indoor hall party or an outdoor garden party we've got something to suit every occasion.


Bouncing Castles For Hire In Peterborough