Bouncy Castle Hire In Bourne South Lincolnshire

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Monday, August 13, 2018

Welcome to our brand new news feed! Here you can keep up to date with everything going on at Funtime HQ. We've had a really busy week this week.... Lots of bouncy castle hires and parties at the weekend and delivery of our brand new disco dome.  Yes, our disco dome party party pod has proved soooo popular that we've had to buy another to keep up with demand!

As with our original disco dome, it includes a built in light and bluetooth sound system to you can play all your favourite tunes through the powerful sound system, direct from any Apple / Android device or using Apple Music etc.

The disco dome is also perfect for older children as well as the little ones.  The sewn in roof means they can't get up to mischief climbing the walls which could result in injury and it's actually a particularly bouncy bouncy castle!

Our brand new disco dome is available for hire in Bourne and the surrounding areas, so please drop us a message to confirm availability on your date.

Don't forget you can also "follow us on facebook". Or if you prefer, you can always give us a ring on 07592 373310 or 01778 570394. Helen xx


Disco Dome Bouncy Castle Hire In BourneHire a disco dome bouncy castle in Bourne




Bouncy Castle Hire In Bourne South Lincolnshire