Bouncy Castle Hire In Bourne South Lincolnshire

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Friday, June 30, 2023

Welcome to our brand new news feed! Here you can keep up to date with everything going on at Funtime HQ. We've had a really busy week this week.... Lots of bouncy castle hires and parties at the weekend and delivery of our brand new disco dome.  Yes, our disco dome party party pod has proved soooo popular that we've had to buy another to keep up with demand!

As with our original disco dome, it includes a built in light and bluetooth sound system to you can play all your favourite tunes through the powerful sound system, direct from any Apple / Android device or using Apple Music etc.

The disco dome is also perfect for older children as well as the little ones.  The sewn in roof means they can't get up to mischief climbing the walls which could result in injury and it's actually a particularly bouncy bouncy castle!

As you can imagine we have also been super busy supplying bouncy castles and freshly made candy floss to all the local school fetes.  Last week was Bourne Elsea Park and Bourne Westfield and next week is St Georges School in Stamford and Pointon School - every one of them has found the number one choice for inflatable hire in Bourne Peterborough, Stamford and beyond - IT'S FUNTIME!

This week is the turn of private parties as the local Islamic community begin celebrating Eid!  That means lots of parties, bouncy castles and great food!  We really love supplying bouncy castles for Eid in and around Peterborough as it's just a great family celebration full of good, clean fun and we ALWAYS return home with a huge feast courtesy of our lovely customers, so no need to cook either!  WINNER

This year, for Eid, the most popular item was our brand new Super Mario Themed bouncy castle.  With stunning laser printed artwork and being compatible with our roofed castles to make a beautiful castle complete with shower cover / sun shade, it makes a winning combination, we're sure you'll agree.

Stunning red and blue Super Mario Bouncy Castle Hire in Peterborough














Also very popular as always was the multi-themed bounce and slide bouncy castles just like the balloons themed bounce and slide castle pictured below.  Offering a little something different to a standard bouncy castle, these bounce and slide castles are an awesome choice for family get togethers.  The best thing about these castles is that we can change the themes, so you choose your castle colour (we have two tone blue or red and blue) then pick a theme of your choice for your very own bespoke bouncy castle hire.  We have tonnes of themes including princesses, superheroes, football, balloons, under the sea, dinosaurs and so many more we can't even list them - what a choice!

Bouncy Castle for Eid celebrations in Peterborough this weekend.








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Bouncy Castle Hire In Bourne South Lincolnshire