Bourne Abbey School Fete Today

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

We're at Bourne Abbey school fete today with our FUN ZONE. We will have 3 great bouncy castles including are lovely new disco dome, soft play and the candy floss stall too! Come on down to visit is and join in the fun!

11am-2pm TODAY!Photo of inflatable disco dome and bouncy castle at Bourne Abbey Primary School

UPDATE 19 July 2023

Wow, it's really interesting to look through these old blogs to see just how much we've evolved over the years!  We still supply our fabulous bouncy castles to lots of school fetes in and around Bourne, but they have changed.  We now very much prefer our open fronted castles, particularly the ever popular dance and bounce bouncy castle as it offers much easier supervision of young children and also doesn't get as hot on a sunny summers day.  We have also added an inflatable slide to our fleet, which always comes to our school fetes with us.  The inflatable slide offers a nice variety rather than just standard bouncy castles and keeps the children entertained for much longer.
For the final element, we do normally supply our every popular candy floss machine, however it has had a serious upgrade over the years, as our old smaller machine would burn out after an hours constant use which was never ideal!  Our new mega machines from A1 Fun-foods will run for hours and turn out 60 bags per hour!

So don't forget, if you are reading this and are planning a school event,  we offer some great deals for schools, but you do need to book early as most schools want similar dates, so prime dates book up early!

For further information, please don't hesitate to call us on 01778 570394, email via our contact form or check our It's Funtime official Facebook page to see everything we've been up to!




Bourne Abbey School Fete Today