Bourne Play Parks And Recreation

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019

Bourne Play Parks and Recreation

The Wellhead Play Park BourneThe lovely market town of Bourne has several great places for kids to play.  The best known of these is the Wellhead.  This play park is nestled in behind Churchill Road and just next door to Busy Bees Preschool.  The play park has been recently revamped thanks to a concerted effort of local volunteers to fund raise and take the old dilapidated park and replace it with brand new safety flooring and equipment.  Luckily for the whole community, the Bourne 2 Play Charity was successful in its bid to revitalise the Wellhead!  The area is not restricted to children either.  It is a very popular place for dog walkers.  Being away from major roads and a quiet peaceful place, it is not uncommon to see dogs playing with their owners and each other as well as non-doggie people running or just enjoying a country side style walk right in town.  To the front of the park, there is a beautiful War Memorial and pool.  This front area is home to many ducks and is incredibly popular with young mothers taking their children down in push chairs to feed the ducks.  The area is completely secure so is also a safe location to let the little ones run around freely whilst being easily monitored and supervised.  

Bourne Woods EntranceAnother fantastic place is Bourne Woods.  This lovely wood is home to various wildlife and boasts full walking trails.  There are several areas that are fenced in for allowing children to play.  The wood is also incredibly popular with dog walkers as well.  There are usually quite a few cars parked up and you'll see the owners returning with their dogs (and more often than not, a well muddied pair of wellies) trying to clean off both the wellies and the dogs before setting off home!!  This area is also used on a regular basis by the local Beavers, Cubs and Scouts groups.  Both First Bourne and First Elsea Park are well aware of the richness and educational value of a walk in the wood and they both take full advantage of it!