Childrens Activities In South Lincolnshire

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019


Children's Activities in South Lincolnshire


Finding children's activities in the Bourne area can be a little bit challenging. It used to be quite easy when you had places like Let's Play open 7-days a week providing parties as well as toddler activities and catered for ages all the way up to early teens. Now, it tends to be a little bit more challenging to find that perfect activity to keep your children off the streets happily playing and actively engaged. Here at It's Funtime, we have our own children age 9 and 11 so it's as close to home for us as it is for many of our customers.

When we are looking for an activity for the children to do, we look for things that keep them engaged mentally and physically. For example for our son Alex's recent birthday party, we took him to laser tag at Baytree Garden Centre in Spalding.  It is physical but also mentally challenging when you consider strategies, etc. It's a great activity although maybe a little bit pricey for the length of time that they're kept engaged but it's something a little bit different to the everyday.

Another alternative that we have found for around for the kids is trampolining.  By being a member of the British Gymnastics Association, trampolining also gives them the opportunity to pursue a fully accredited program whilst giving them quite a bit of physical activity as well as the social aspect of spending time with their friends and making new friends of the children who are already engaged in the activity.

Another place that we look to when we're looking for activities for the kids is the Leisure Centre. The Leisure Centre provides family friendly swimming and at the Deeping Leisure Centre in particular, at weekends they have an inflatable assault course on the pool itself which the kids absolutely love.

If your children happen to be into skateboarding, scooters or cycling, there's also the bicycle and skateboard park at Market Deeping directly over the road from the Tesco's on Godsey Lane. This is a fantastic place for the kids to burn off steam as it has a play area as well as the skatepark and of course you can always nip across the road to Tesco's in order to get something to eat or drink whilst you're there. The field is also the home of many mobile fairs and circuses so there always seems to be something going on in Deeping as well.

Of course for anybody who is interested in keeping their entertainment a bit closer the home and a bit more personal there is always the opportunity, particularly in the summer, of hiring a bouncy castle for the garden. In the autumn and winter,  hiring a bouncy castle or activity play party for one of the local village halls is fantastic for birthday parties as well as other get-togethers including christenings, anniversaries and even parents birthdays. Here at  It's Funtime, we specialise in indoor venues so if you're looking for an indoor venue to the south like Coronation Hall or The Green School in Market Deeping or the village hall in Langtoft or Baston or your choices of Lawrence Park Hall or Thurlby Methodist Church Hall in Thurlby, we've been in all of them. Central to Bourne we also have the Bourne Abbey as well as the Darby and Joan Hall.   And if you're looking for the north we have been in every Hall from Dyke to Morton to Rippingale, Dowsby Pointon and Billingborogh.  Our most recent addition for halls is the Brown School in Horbling.  They are actively looking to hire their hall at weekends for parties and events.  It is a fantastic facility that we have been in on several occasions now . Our equipment is specifically chosen to be able to fit into these types of indoor venues.  So if you are looking for an indoor event or activity,  we are the go-to company in the Bourne area. If you'd like any additional ideas on this sort of activities for your children please do not hesitate to contact us or if you wish to find some ideas for indoor venues go to our indoor venues page and you'll find a whole host of local hold all of which we are familiar with an able to provide equipment for any activity for your children.


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Childrens Activities In South Lincolnshire