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Disco Dome Hire Peterborough
31 May

Disco Dome Hire Peterborough

Disco Dome Hire Peterborough

There are a couple of fundamental questions to ask about why or how to hire a Disco Dome in Peterborough.  First, question is obviously how.  The answer to the question of finding a Disco Dome Hire in Peterborough is to find a reputable bouncy castle hire company to hire from.  Not being biased (Lol), I believe that the best company for a Disco Dome HIre in Peterborough is definitely It's Funtime!!  All of our castles are PIPA tested and fully insured.  What does this mean?  When you hire a Disco Dome in Peterborough from us, you can check with the PIPA website to confirm that our Disco Dome Peterborough is fully tested and compliant with the most recent safety legislation.  Don't take our word for it, check with the independent testing association!  Another reason we are the best is that when we hire a Disco Dome in Peterborough, we use bluetooth connectivity with our speakers.  This means that whilst we provide fully vetted age appropriate music, you can use your own smart phone, ipad or other bluetooth music device and play your own playlist through our system!  It's your party and you have the choice!

The next question is whether the Disco Dome Peterborough will fit in your garden or hall?  Well the Disco Dome is 12 feet x 15 feet with a 3 foot blower tube.  This translates to a space requirement of 18 feet wide and 21 feet wide footprint including required safety zone.  It stands at 10 feet tall so no low hanging branches or roofs.  These space requirements are the same for hiring a Disco Dome Peterborough in a hall as well.  Remember.... outdoors must be on grass so that it can be safely anchored and when measuring for a hall, whether it be the Focus Hall, St Mark's Hall or any other Peterborough venue, the ceiling height must be sufficient, taking into account any hanging air conditioners, lights, fans or gantries.

The final question is how.... That's the easy part. Just contact us and we can sort everything out for you.  Just know the space you have to work with and make sure you already have a hall booked for an indoor Disco Dome Hire in Peterborough and we will sort your booking out for you.  And don't forget, if you want to make a full package out of it with added Didi Cars and Space Hoppers, just book our Disco Dome Party Package.  It offers a great discount by making it a Package deal!  To quote the Jackson 5, "ABC, Easy as 1,2,3" and it's sorted!!


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