Globals Make Some Noise Bike Britain Challenge

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Friday, October 11, 2019

Globals Make Some Noise Bike Britain Challenge


Here at It's Funtime, when we're out delivering our parties in and around Lincolnshire the radio station of choice is normally Heart FM. So this week we've been hearing lots about their own charity "global's make some noise". This is a fantastic charity whose mission is to support small charities that don't normally get heard.  Charities who struggle with fundraising and support because people just don't know about them. There are lots and lots of fundraising things going on including competitions and auctions but also the fantastic Jamie Theakston has been taking on the Bike Britain Challenge.

The Bike Britain Challenge is an epic 650 mile bike ride across the UK stopping at 8 cities in 8 days. Jamie started in Edinburgh and cycled to Newcastle, down to Leeds to Manchester over to Bristol finally finishing in London.

Here's what Jamie had to say about why he's doing this challenge "I've seen first-hand the real difference the money makes to the thousands of children and young people in the UK living with illness and disability. I've been to projects that wouldn't exist without the funds that you helped to raise and I've met amazing young people's whose life would be dramatically different was it not for the invaluable support of the small projects.

This charity really struck a chord with us here at It's Funtime being a children's party company, so we have been doing a little of our own fundraising to send over to global's make some noise. So far they have raised £2,613,764 and whilst we appreciate that our donation is a drop in the ocean compared to what is needed we are very happy to have been able to support this fantastic charity this year.

We are already planning activities for next year to fundraise although I'm fairly sure none of us will be taking on the Bike Britain Challenge!

If you have or know of a local charity that needs some support from us please do let us know as we always are always willing to help where we possibly can on any local project.


Jamie Theakston - Bike Britain Challenge

Globals Make Some Noise Bike Britain Challenge