Hot Tub Spa Hire In Deeping

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Monday, December 16, 2019

Hot Tub Spa Hire Deeping

Are you looking for that “Holiday at Home” experience?  If you are in Market Deeping, Deeping St. James, Deeping Gate or West Deeping, you can hire a hot tub for any occasion!  Your Hot Tub Spa hire in Deeping provides you with anything from a hot tub on it’s own to a full on Hot Tub Spa Party Package Hire.  Fitting up to 6 people (more if you’re friendly!), our Hot Tubs can be set up on any flat surface except decking.  

We offer our Hot Tubs all year round!  Every season offers it’s own special experience when you hire your Hot Tub in the Deepings.  A small delivery charge applies but whether you have the Hot Tub Spa hire in the Deepings on it’s own or with the full party package, you will have an incredible experience and great value for money.  Our Hot Tub Party Package hire in the Deepings includes your Hot Tub Spa hire, LED lighting, full weather proof gazebo, sound system and disco light. Whilst the Hot Tub Spa Hire on it’s own requires space for the hot tub (approx. 2.5 metre in diameter), the full Hot Tub Party Package requires approx. 4x4 metre square of grass (smooth and level) so that we can properly anchor the gazebo to ensure safety for the duration of your Hot Tub hire.

Steve will come down and set up your Hot Tub Spa in the Deepings.  You must be home for the set up as we will require access to water and electricity as well as being able to best advise on location, etc.  Steve has set up 100’s of Hot Tubs and is well versed in water safety, proper electrical set up and proper chemical usage to ensure that your Hot Tub hire in Market Deeping is both safe and enjoyable. Whilst we offer our Hot Tub Packages all year round, we do reserve the right to not set up gazebos depending on weather forecasts because our number one priority is safety!  Whether it’s a teen’s birthday, adult birthday, anniversary or just a bit of holiday time without leaving home, we want you to truly enjoy your experience!  Remember, we even provide Holiday period hires over Christmas and New Year! Availability is limited so advance booking is definitely recommended at these high demand times.

When booking your Hot Tub Hire in Deeping, we must speak to you.  We do not take email or online bookings as we need to be able to assess your situation to ensure suitability for hire.  You need to be able to provide continuous power for the duration of the hire and an outdoor hose pipe and hose are required for filling as well as suitable drainage for emptying at the end of the Hire in Deeping.  In many cases we are also able to use adapters to access hot water from your indoor taps to “warm fill” the Hot Tub hire to reduce heating time and increase the time the hot tub hire is usable during the hire period giving you even better value!  We are able to set up in virtually any garden, subject to space requirements being met.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a detached house with easy garden access or in a mid terrace with house only access to the garden.  We can set up your Hot Tub Spa hire Deeping.  

Hot Tub Hires are available for a minimum hire period of 4 days as it can take up to 24 hours to get the Hot Tub hire up to temperature.  Our usual hire period is from Thursday to Monday, however week long hires are also available from Thursday to Wednesday.  Depending on availability other  set up and collection dates may be available and dates of Holiday Period hires may vary.  Just give us a call on  01778 570394 or 07592 373310 and talk to Steve or Helen to get your booking sorted out now!


Hot Tub Spa Hire In Deeping