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Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020

Its Funtime - A Family Run Party Company


If you've landed here looking for bouncy castle hire in Bourne, Spalding, Peterborough or Stamford then please feel to proceed straight to our bouncy castle hire homepage.

Now as you may be away, here at It's Funtime we are the ultimate family run bouncy castle hire company.  As you can imagine, it can be a struggle juggling family life with working weekends, but this week we've spent some time with the kids working on their holiday homework.  The brief was to write a fictional story with no more than 500.  Here are the results I'm rather proud of them to be honest!




Monkeying Across The World


“Eek!” squealed Spidey as he trailed through the deep, dark jungle.  The small monkey was very excited as today he was leaving on an adventure- this was to find a king penguin.  He had never seen a penguin before because Spidey lives in the Costa Rica Rainforest – there aren’t many penguins living in the rainforest!


Spidey trekked for days, swinging gracefully across the trees dreaming of his favourite animal glittering in the arctic sun.  He had heard about the king penguin from his friends bragging that they had lots of penguin friends and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


Day after day, he travelled, determined to make his dreams come true; suddenly, Spidey had realised a problem, he had found a huge river and it had no bridges – he had arrived at the Panama Canal! The adventurous animal had found lots of berries and leaves to build up his strength to swim across the canal.  The big day came and Spidey swam with all his might and safely landed on the other side – “Phew I made it!” exclaimed Spidey!


Spidey followed the glistening ocean through Columbia, Ecuador and Peru finally he arrived at the cold country of Chile.  Spidey swung down the coast admiring the waves gliding onto the sand.  It was a beautiful place with a sky blue ocean glistening under the golden sun.


Once he arrived at the south tip of South America, Spidey saw a magnificent sight… a whole flock of penguins!  With no hesitation at all, he dashed towards the penguins to see if they were the King Penguins he was seeking, but when he got closer he realised these penguins had very odd yellow hair on their heads and were tiny.  These weren’t King Penguins, they were Macaroni Penguins!


Spidey knew he had to travel across the deep blue Southern Ocean to find the King Penguins. He reached the south tip of South America where he started to gather driftwood and twine to make a sturdy raft – this ocean would be too cold to swim!  He gathered lots of leaves to eat on his journey and set off for the frosty South Pole.   After many weeks of paddling his raft he arrived at the edge of the sub-zero Antarctica.


He bounded off of his raft onto the icy ground and was met by a huge flock of penguins.  “What are you and where did you come from!” bellowed the leader of the flock.  Spidey then told the penguins all about his travels through South America and how he was desperate to find a King Penguin.  “Well” said the leader of the penguins, “your dream has just come true”

“we are the world famous King Penguins of Antarctica.  Come to join us at a special meal of Squid, lantern fish and krill to celebrate your arrival!”  Spidey wasn’t sure monkeys were meant to eat krill, but thought it would be rude to refuse the offer!



Matty Bogan - Age 9


The Hyrule Palace


It was 2120 AD and a mythical, ancient place had been discovered. This archaeological wonderland was soon known as Hyrule; it had a lot of history buried beneath  its walls. It was first inhabited more than a millennium before it was rediscovered, at first, native people wanted to live there for its abundance of life and food. Soon, however,  it started to flood. Even though they believed it was a coincidence, it flooded more and more frequently until they decided it was a call for them to go back to their home land. However when the Central Palace began to shake violently, a great fire broke out and after many unheeded warnings a huge fire broke out and killed the tribe off. No one knew whether the palace had survived or not and if it did, how would it have been possible? From then on the flourishing land was left lifeless and forgotten.


It was rediscovered by an archaeologist named Matthew Edgar, he was not very well known, yet he had accidentally rediscovered the living relic. However when another archaeologist named Emily Spite found out about this, she was sent into a dreadful rage. She certainly lived up to her name and by no surprise, she was spiteful to anyone she felt threatened by. With this being the case, it was incredibly predictable of what she was going to do. Sure enough, she sailed to Tanzania (a place in southern/central Africa) which is where the legendary land had been rediscovered. When she realised what valuable treasures were hidden in the palace- she thought all of the money she would make selling : paintings, gold and relics galore.


 As she explored looking for more artefacts, she discovered an oddly carved wall; when she traced it with her finger, an unearthly presence shook the still flourishing land, like it was being thrown into another land, another planet, another universe? The innermost walls of the palace collapsed revealing the archaeologists to one another and the most ancient, valuable artefact had been discovered and it was dubbed Zulfiqar. It was one of the most ancient weapons of all time and also is easily the best weapon in existence and was thought to be mythical! The electrifying aura it expelled was creating a superior scene.The most questioned question about this place was finally given an answer; when the soon known as greatest archaeologist of all time (Matthew) picked up the sword- which hadn't been touched in a thousand years- he sensed the sense of victory flourish through his blood. He had finally fulfilled his destiny and a new legend had been made.


 By Alex Bogan Age 11


We hope you'll be able to see why we're rather proud of the boys efforts on this occasion and that you've enjoyed reading their stories!


Its Funtime - A Family Run Party Company