Party Planning For Beginners

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Sunday, November 17, 2019


Party Planning For Beginners


As a party planning company, we here at It's Funtime deal with all different levels of party planners.  From first time party planning to grandparents who have planned multiple parties for their own children and are now helping to plan for their grandchildren, we work with them all.  The key to planning a party is to be organised and methodical.  The first step is to recognise what kind of party you are planning.  We work with first time parties for birthdays and Christening as well as working with adults planning special birthday events and anniversaries.  Depending on whether you are looking at a first birthday or a toddler party for your child "graduating" from preschool to older birthday parties and celebrations of leaving primary school, succeeding at SATs or 11+ or more adult style parties like leaving school, 18th birthdays or other special birthdays or events, you need to decide firstly what equipment you will need and secondly, what venue will accommodate your needs.

Starting with the younger end of how to plan a party, we have a variety of smaller bouncy castles, play zones and soft play parties which easily fit the bill.  Simply have a look at our products and packages and you will find something for this younger age group.  If you are looking at the slightly older group of primary school children, we have larger castles, disco castles and party packages in various themes for all persuasions to fulfill your needs.  Just remember that the next step is to find a suitable venue for your party.  Whilst bouncy castles on their own can be suitable for back garden parties, these events are very much seasonal and weather dependent.  As a general rule, we recommend finding a suitable village or school hall.  We can help you on this score as well!  Just look at our venues pages to find an appropriate place to hold your party.  As one of the most experienced party companies in the area, we have worked in virtually every local venue and are in a perfect position to advise and guide you, not only as to which venue is best for your needs, but what products and packages actually fit in those venues.

When you are looking at the "older" generation, whether that be school leavers, 18th birthdays or other special birthdays, anniversaries and events, we can help there too!  Especially popular with girls and special events, we have Hot Tub Party Packages that allow you to enjoy your event over an entire weekend (or even a full week) from the comfort of home.  In fact, our Hot Tub Package is a bit like having a holiday at home!  All you need is 4m x 4m of level grass and access to water and electric.  We set everything up, break everything down, give full guidance and accessories to maximise your enjoyment of a hot tub.  From the tub itself to artificial grass to a full weather proof gazebo to sound and disco light system, our hot tub package is truly a fantastic and unique present for that special occasion, or even just to pamper yourself for a while! 

The bottom line is this:  the best way to plan your party is to call us!  Whether it's your first party planning experience or you are an old hand at planning a party, we can help!!