Peterborough Bouncy Castle Hire And Soft Play Hire

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Friday, February 14, 2020

Peterborough Bouncy Castle Hire And Soft Play Hire


Here at It's Funtime we are best known for our fantastic bouncy castle hire in Peterborough, Bourne, Spalding and beyond, however when we're not busy arranging parties our other passion is money saving. We have already written you a blog all about how we save money on bills, get cashback on purchases etc but today I'm going to take you through some of the apps that we have to save a few pennies. Apps involve photographing your receipts, receipts from supermarkets or homeware stores are generally acceptable and these companies give you a small amount back each time as a token reward. Now I'm got not going to lie to you, you're not going to get rich doing this but this means pounds in your pocket for just taking photographs of your receipts - yes photos of the receipts for the items you were going to buy anyway!


Zip Zero Money Saving App

This is my very favourite money saving app, it's actually the newest one we have however it's a fantastic concept and the rewards add up quickly. You simply take a photograph of your receipts as they come in and you receive 1% of your total spend back. The only catch with this app is that you have to use your credit to pay a bill, this can be a council tax bill, phone bill, electric bill, anything like that but you can't withdraw the money as cash.  ZipZero accept receipts from almost any high street shop and also clothes shops and the likes of Argos etc.


Shopprize UK Money Saving App

My second favourite money saving app is called Shopprize. This app works along the same lines as all of the others including Zipzero in that you photograph receipts from your shopping and upload them by the app. You receive coins for every receipt that you upload and 10,000 coins can be exchanged for a £5 Amazon voucher. You can only upload 5 receipts per day on Shopprize but again, the rewards do add up fairly swiftly.

Shoppix money saving app

Shoppix is yet another app where you upload your receipts and in the case of Shoppix you receive 25 coins per receipt that you upload with 5 bonus coins available if you upload the receipt on the day of purchase. The nice thing with Shoppix is that you can cash out your bonuses in lots of ways including love2shop vouchers, bank transfer, PayPal or Amazon vouchers. You can only upload one receipt from any particular supermarket on any given day so you can only upload one Sainsbury's receipt and one Tesco receipt although the amount of receipts in total you upload in a day is unlimited they just have to be from different stores.

Receipt hog

The final money saving app we'll be looking at today is called Receipt Hog. Receipt Hog is the daddy of the money saving apps and has been around the longest, however as new apps have come out they are somewhat more generous than Receipt Hog. We still use Receipt Hog as as it's a nice little bonus, we receive about £50 every two years on receipt hog.  You are allowed to upload up to 20 receipts in a week and up to three receipts from any given store in any given day, so they can add up fairly swiftly as there are different coin values available for different value receipts - the higher the value the more coins you will receive.

As you can see, these apps offer a nice few extra quid back which we tend to save to go towards the expensive times of year like the children's birthdays and Christmas. You can use the same receipts on all four apps so you can enter a single receipt on all four apps hence making the most of your purchases. All of the app stores do require that you only upload receipts that you have purchased and paid for yourself however you are allowed multiple accounts in a household for example husband and wife can both have their own accounts however children are not allowed accounts - you do have to be over 18 to have one. We hope this has been helpful for you and should you have any questions about any specific receipt collection apps I'm sure a quick Google of the specific app I will forward you lots more information.

Peterborough Bouncy Castle Hire And Soft Play Hire