Prepare For Summertime Bourne Bouncy Castle Fun

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022

Prepare for Summertime Bourne Bouncy Castle Fun

The sun is out and it’s staying out… that’s what we’re telling ourselves at It’s Funtime anyway. But we deserve a great summer so let's believe and get the barbeques scrubbed down and in shape for a busy summer, there’s parties to be had, drinks to be drunk and burgers to be grilled. It’s Funtime can’t wait to get stuck into the first full restriction free late spring and summer in two years! There’s birthdays, weddings, village fetes and let's not forget a rather important Jubilee to enjoy.

All events take planning so strike while the iron is hot and get your attractions and entertainment booked is key to getting things underway. Once you have the main attractions there you can mention them in your invites, driving up excitement for your event and increasing footfall; it can really make your event a success even before it’s happened.

For the fast approaching Jubilee street parties will of course be the event of choice and we’re sure you’ve already had a few invites. Street parties are a brilliant way of bringing the whole community together, With all the food and drink on the big long tables there’s lots of conversation to be had and catching up to do so providing something fun for the younger guests as well as the adults is essential. We have a great range of soft play, bouncy castles, stunning bubbling hot tubs for hire, and even package deals that can provide a huge amount of fun for children. A great item we have is our Disco Dome, its a bouncy castle with a domed roof complete with disco lights and speakers, they’ll have hours of fun in there!

There’s of course events happening even closer to now and It’s Funtime can certainly come to the rescue and provide last minute entertainment to your event whatever it may be: A birthday party, a wedding or even a sports day! All you have to do is check you have room for your chosen item or items, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our huge range of bouncy castles fit comfortably into most medium sized gardens. Just get in touch with us and we’ll work with you and answer every query and go over every finer detail, there’s no hassle with us, we're organised and professional.

Whatever you choose to do with the good weather just make sure you’re prepared, get the factor fifty and the insect repellent on stand by, get your fun filled events orgainised and get in touch with It’s Funtime. We’d be delighted to bring you the brilliant entertainment items we have to make sure your event is a hit. The enjoyment of your event is our priority so on behalf of everyone from It’s Funtime, have a fantastic end of spring and a brilliant start of summer!

Just some of the locations we work in include Bourne, Spalding, Stamford and Peterborough. If you're unsure whether or not we provide bouncy castle and party hire in your area, please ask for more information. 

If you'd like more information about what our Bourne bouncy castle hire team can do for you this summertime, please check out our contact page, or search through our website to see all of our products! You can also make a booking online; inflatable entertainment is easy when you're with a reputable company! 

Prepare For Summertime Bourne Bouncy Castle Fun