Supermarkets In Bourne

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Supermarkets in Bourne


Here in Bourne we are extremely lucky to have a good range of supermarkets these days. We have a full range from the higher end of the market including Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer's food, to the cheaper end of Lidl and Heron foods. If you're looking for supermarket choices in Bourne or opening hours for any of our local supermarkets please read further and hopefully we can get you the correct information.


Tesco Superstore Bourne,

Cherry Holt Road

Tel: 0345 026 9627

Open 6am - Midnight Monday - Saturday

10am - 4pm Sunday


Tesco's on Cherry Holt road in Bourne is by far the largest supermarket in Bourne. They have a large food range plus household wares, DVDs and an in-store bakery and is a perfect spot for finding those last-minute party gifts. Tesco's is also extremely handy as they are open the longest hours in Bourne open until midnight 5 days a week. The Tesco Bourne superstore is also an eco store which means it's carbon footprint is reduced using features like skylights to reduce the need for lights.


Sainbury's Bourne

Exeter Street

Tel: 01778 421956

Open 8am - 9pm Monday - Friday

7:30am - 9pm Saturday

10am - 4pm Sunday 

Sainsbury's on Exeter Street in Bourne is the next largest supermarket, they still have a large range of food and non-food items including a modest clothing section, a nice seasonal aisle and in-store bakery. What's great about Sainsbury's if they also have an in-store Argos so there's no longer any need to run to Stamford to hit Argos.


Lidl Bourne

South Road

Tel: 0800  977 7766

Open 8am - 10pm Monday - Saturday

10am - 4pm Sunday


A fairly new addition to Bourne is Lidl on South Road near the Elsea Park estate. Lidl is fantastic for their great value you and nice quality. You can sometimes be waiting in the queue a little bit of a long time there but we think it's worth it. They have a lovely bakery which is one of my children's favourite places to go go. There are a little bit more restricted than the Tesco superstore and please do be careful of shopping in Lidl to check the parking signs as the parking times are restricted and people do receive parking tickets if they overstay.


Marks and Spencer Food, Bourne.

Hereward Street - Burghley Arcade.

Tel:  01778 301030

Open 8am - 8pm Monday - Saturday

10am - 4pm Sunday

At the highest end of the market is Marks and Spencer's in the Burghley arcade in Bourne. Marks and Spencer's have some really lovely food items yes they can be a little pricey but some of their items are quite reasonably priced for fantastic quality.


Heron Foods, Bourne

13 North Street

Tel:  0845 603 7200

Open. 8am - 6pm Monday - Saturday5

9am - 5pm Sunday


Finally for supermarkets in Bourne we have Heron foods who are actually the food store subsidiary of B&M Stores. We find heron a little bit awkward as there is no parking, otherwise we would use it a lot more than we do. Heron and is great for all your frozen food, pet food, dried larder cupboard foods etc. They are also now opening 7-days a week which is fantastic for those who can't get up to the shops during working hours.


Well I think that's all the choices for Bourne so let's hope that you've been able to find your supermarket of choice along with the opening hours and any contact details you might need it.

Supermarkets In Bourne