To Buy Or Hire A Hot Tub

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Friday, June 7, 2019

To Buy or Hire a Hot Tub

With so many cheap options to buy a hot tub these days, there is a real question as to why bother to rent a hot tub instead of just simply buying one.  Well frankly, we have seen all of the pro's and con's of both and to be honest we do honestly believe that for most people to rent a hot tub is far preferable to buying one.  Whether we hire a hot tub in Bourne or Sleaford or Grantham or Peterborough, we find the same issues over and over again.  For most people, space is at a premium in the back garden.  Having a permanent fixture of a hot tub in the garden is to greatly reduce the amount of remaining usable space.  But, you may ask, is the problem with an inflatable hot tub?  I can just put it away when I don't want to use it, right?  Well the real answer to that is yes..... and no.  Yes, you can just drain the tub and deflate it.  You can't just "put it away" though.  Once it's drained, if you are not going to reuse it within a week or so, it must be thouroughly dried before storing.  This means leaving it inflated inside for around 72 hours in a warm conservatory, or maybe even longer if you don't have a particularly warm room in the house.  You can't just leave your hot tub up and empty in the garden.  If it rains it gets wet and if its windy it can blow away, not to mention neighbourhood cats wandering in and clawing at it and puncturing the hot tub.  You see, if you don't make sure it's dry, mould and mildew will form on the tub in the damp and this will turn it from a hot tub to a skip item.

If you choose to leave the hot tub up and filled, what happens after the novelty of having it wears off?  Well, we have found that most people use their hot tub regularly for around 2 weeks after purchase.  Then, because it is always available, it becomes a low priority to go out and use as "we can always go in tomorrow."  The next thing that happens is that people forget to open it up every couple of days to test the water and make sure the chemicals are correct.  Before you know it, you've got a tub full of pond water.  Once this happens, the tub has to be drained and cleaned and given a full "shock treatment" of chlorine and algaecide.  But once you have an algae and mould problem, it never goes away and comes faster the next time.  And don't forget, this draining, cleaning and refilling cycle takes several hours and you have to wait a day for it to get back up to temperature.  At the end of all this, the whole process starts over again and in the end you again end up with a  hot tub fit for the skip.  

Finally, what are you going to do if there is a problem with the hot tub?  Well, most of our customers who have bought their own hot tub end up calling us asking for advice.  My pump's not working, what do I do?  My tub is slimy, how do I sort it?  My tub is losing pressure, how do I find and fix the leak?  My electrics keep tripping the circuit, how should I plug it in so that doesn't happen?  Well simply, if you hire a hot tub from us, we take care of ALL of these issues.

We show up, we set everything up, we take care of the chemicals, we have all of the appropriate electrics and our hot tubs aren't just "tubs of water" like the cheap ones in the discount shops.  Our Hot Tubs hold 6 adults and have under-tub LED lighting for added ambiance.  In fact, if you rent a hot tub with our hot tub party package, you get artificial grass flooring (which is much more comfortable and cleaner that bare garden), a full weather proof gazebo, the hot tub itself and bluetooth disco speaker with built in LED disco light.  All in, you are getting well over £1,000 worth of equipment for use over 4 or 7 days for a very reasonable price!  Then, when you have really enjoyed and appreciated having the hot tub hire, we come in, environmentally dispose of the water and take everything down and take it away again.  No fuss, no muss for you at all. Just pure enjoyment of the experience without any of the hassle!  No need to worry about cleaning and disinfecting!  No need to worry about storage!  We take care of all of the work of having the hot tub hire and you just enjoy it!

This is what you can find happening when you own a Hot Tub and don't maintain it properly:


Own a Hot tub pond water  Buy a Hot Tub foaming


This is What You Get When You Hire From Us:



Everything is clean and well maintained and taken away when you're done!!  If you want to hire a hot tub, just contact us and we will ensure suitability and get everything sorted for you.  You just sit back and relax without worry!!

To Buy Or Hire A Hot Tub