Where Is Bourne?

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Friday, June 14, 2019

Where Is Bourne?

Where is Bourne?


Many people don't know where Bourne is, well let me tell you where Bourne is. It is found midway between Peterborough and Sleaford on the A15 corridor and is a lovely market town with a market day on a Thursday as well as many bespoke local shops and businesses.

The name of the town of Bourne actually originated from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning water or stream because Bourne is located on a naturally-occurring spring on the Wellhead Gardens and provides the town with a very good natural water supply. Bourne is a growing town and the A15 corridor actually runs along the East Coast Mainline therefore Bourne is also very close to local rail links providing services to London as well as north towards Edinburgh, Newcastle and Leeds.

As a centre for family activities Bourne is uniquely situated at the southern edge of Lincolnshire providing quick access to Cambridgeshire and Rutland.  Just half an hour away you can find Peterborough cathedral and other points of interest in Cambridgeshire as well as being right next to Rutland with easy access to Rutland waters reservoir which provides fresh water activities including boating, water skiing, and a man-made beach area with inflatables for the children to play on nice days in the summer. In addition to the local amenities that Bourne offers is it is also home to Its Funtime Bourne a lovely family and business which provides inflatables for parties both at home and in the local Village Halls of which there are many. Bourne is also in close proximity to beach side resorts being only an hour away from places such as Skegness, Cromer, Sheringham and Hunstanton.

Bourne has a very rich and interesting history. Robert of Bourne was the first person known to write in what we currently call the English language, he was a teacher at the Bourne Abbey School in Bourne. In addition the largest living Oak tree in England can be found at Bowthorpe Park near  Manthorpe, just south of Bourne.  It is over 40 feet in circumference and according to the estimate is over 1000 years old. Bourne is also said to be the birthplace of William Cecil who is a renowned architect and is responsible for the building of Burghley House in Stamford and was also one point in his career the lord high treasurer to the Queen. And if you happen to be a motor sport fan, Bourne is also the home of Raymond Mays who founded the British Motor Racing team that competed in F1 events and had drivers such as Jackie Stewart in their stable of drivers at one point in time.