Which Is The Bouncy Castle Hire For Me?

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Which Is The Best Bouncy Castle Hire For Me?


As the leading supplier of bouncy castle hire in Lincolnshire covering bouncy castle hire in Bourne, Peterborough bouncy castles, Spalding, Stamford and beyond, we are often at asked for recommendations as to which would be the best bouncy castles for different age groups, gender's and party styles.  So today we thought we would write you a quick blog just outlining what we think works best for the different categories of party you might be planning. Obviously we do have a huge range of bouncy castles available so it is always worth taking a look through our online catalogue to see exactly what you would like but we will offer below a few of our recommendations and the reasons why we recommend these particular products.


Which bouncy castle is best for toddlers?


To me this is a really straightforward answer but I'll explain the reasons why I picked this particular castle which I believe is best toddlers. For toddlers I always recommend the toddler activity bouncy castle. There are many reasons for this, I do understand that some parents like to have the matching themes  such as Paw Patrol, Princesses, Superheros and all that kind of jazz.  The reason I recommend the tots activity bouncy castle is from your child's perspective it has lots of extra play value. It has a climb through doughnut inside and biff-bashes which they can bop, and will rebound without hurting anybody. The netted sides are fantastic because the slightly more nervous children can see out to parents and it will hold and adult, should have an adult need to go on the castle to help a child. It also has a relatively small doorway. One of the problems with bouncy castles and small children is that they tend to stumble on the bouncy castle and not be in an awful lot of control. The small doorway means that rather than falling out of the front of the castle like bowling balls, with the parents trying to catch them rolling out at all angles, the children need to be under control to walk out of the fairly small doorway. That means if young children fall out of the front they are most likely going to run into the soft mesh sides or the inflatable pillars and really not hurt themselves then they will bounce back into the castle rather than falling out the front potentially onto a wooden floor or onto the grass at the front of the castle. The rainbow tots activity castle is just a beautiful vibrant bouncy castle perfect up with the age of about 3.



Which bouncy castle is best for boys?


To be honest, boys are fairly straightforward. You can choose a theme which they like maybe something like our gamers theme or the pups bouncy castle but to be honest boys will just bounce the day away.  They don't tend to stop they just want something to bounce on. Very often it's really not worth investing in extra bells and whistles like disco bouncy castles - boys don't particularly appreciate the disco element of a bouncy castle although a slide on the side is nice. Obviously the particular bouncy castle you choose will depend on how much space you have. If you are planning a garden party, quite often you can only fit a standard type bouncy castle like the H style bouncy castle or the A style bouncy castle.  If you have a big grassy area, you can go for one of our bounce and slide options with other the extra aspect of the slide but it does need a good sized garden.


Which is the best bouncy castle for girls?


We have lots of different themes perfect for girls including princesses, unicorns, lol surprise that many more. one thing that the girls do really appreciated the disco aspect of the disco bouncy castles.  The disco bouncy castle comes complete with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and disco light to add an extra dimension to your bouncy castle. With  the Bluetooth speaker, your daughters will love to create their own playlist in advance of their party so they can bounce along to all their favourite tunes. It becomes a proper bouncy disco and whilst boys don't massively appreciate the disco aspect of the bouncy castles, the girls really do, so why not take a look at something like a disco combo bouncy castle which features disco dancer silhouettes on the artwork a slide on the front for additional play value and again the built-in speaker and disco light. This castle is great value and doesn't require a huge garden to setup. It's perfect for up to age 12 and it's always wise to book this one early because it is probably our most popular bouncy castle of all.


Which bouncy castle is best for teenagers?

By far our most popular bouncy castle for teenagers is the disco dome. A blacked out bouncy castle with built-in Bluetooth speaker and disco light which creates a nightclub feel in your own back garden.  This castle has a much more grown up feel to it than others and it doesn't feels like a little kids bouncy castle. The disco dome bouncy castle regularly goes out for birthday parties all the way up to about age 16 and is always a huge hit. Being able to choose the music playlist in your own bouncy disco is always great fun.  It doesn't require huge garden and is perfect as well for indoor hall parties.



Which bouncy castle is ideal for a large party?


If you're planning a large gathering we always recommend going for multiple inflatables rather than one large inflatable. Maybe take a look at our party package which includes the fantastic inflatable slide and matching standard bouncy castle. The reason we always recommend multiple inflatables rather than one huge bouncy castle is that on a huge bouncy castle numbers are still quite limited because should one child fall over you need to limit the amount of other children on the castle so they don't get jumped on and hurt.  By splitting the load between more than one bouncy castle it means the children have more space to play and are less likely to hurt themselves. The slide and bouncy castle package is perfect for large gardens and hall parties. 


I really hope he have given you some indicators as to what might be a great option for your upcoming party. No matter what kind of party you are looking to plan, if you can't find what you're looking for please do feel free to get in touch we are more than happy to recommend a which bouncy castle will be best for you.  Whether your party is in Peterborough, Bourne, Spalding or Stamford we have something perfect for the job.  Just take a look at our online catalogue complete with online 24-hour booking to find something perfect for your upcoming event.



Which Is The Bouncy Castle Hire For Me?