Bouncy Castle Hire Near Bourne - Corby Glen Pre-school

Posted By: Its Funtime | Posted Date: Thursday, July 18, 2019

Corby Glen Pre-Schools' Birthday Bash


Last weekend, we were extremely proud to be booked to help celebrate Corby Glen Preschools' big 50th birthday bash. Now operating from the Ron Dawson Hall in Corby Glen, the preschool has seen thousands of children through their doors in the years they've been operating.

The event was held last Sunday and attracted a huge crowd, both young and old. There were lots of toys for the children to play with, raffles, tombolas, cakes and bakes and our fabulous bouncy castles.

Bouncy Castles At Corby Glen Pre-School Near Bourne

As you can see in the picture the preschool booked our disco bounce and slide bouncy castle and also the tots activity bouncy castle. This makes a really good combination as the topts activity castle is clearly aimed at the younger children whereas the disco bounce and slide bouncy castle does attract the older children hence splitting larger or smaller children reducing the risk of any issues.

The fabulous tots activity castle has a crawl through donut, built in biff and bash inside and is a beautiful gloss finish brightly coloured castle suitable for preschool ages. The disco bounce and slide is one of our new castles and is also gloss finish. It boasts a disco light in the top and sound system in the back from which you can use Bluetooth to play your own music. This means that the older kids can bounce to whatever they wish music wise, and have as much fun controlling my sound system as playing in the castle!

We do always ask at events like this that if people are going to hire more than one bouncy castle they do think carefully about the ages of the guests that will be attending. It is always very good idea to have one castle squarely aimed at the younger children with a separate one aimed at the older children as it stops fighting and all the children wanting to be on the little ones castle and potentially hurting a smaller children.

The Corby Glen preschool operates from the Ron Dawson Hall in Corby Glen and it's all is available for hire at the weekend as well. Should you require a bouncy castle indoors you do need to choose one of our lower height bouncy castles.  Our inflatables do fit in the hall as would any soft play package so if you are looking for a party venue in Corby Glen or nearby please do take a look at the Ron Dawson Hall.

We really loved being able to be a part of the Corby Glen preschools' birthday bash and are sincerely looking forward to going back there again soon.

Bouncy Castle Hire Near Bourne - Corby Glen Pre-school